British Asparagus season is almost over

Posted On 9 June 2013

The UK season for asparagus is only around eight weeks long ending in June - so the why not do something with them now

TV Chef Marcus Bean has joined forces with the British Asparagus campaign to try and get more of us to enjoy asparagus - and he has given several recipies to intice you!

Marcus said "It’s such a long process to cultivate our asparagus but when it’s right, it’s just so good and so healthy that it’s a shame not to eat it."

The british asparagus is regarded as a better quality than Peruvian or Thai asparagus - albeit that the UK asparagus is more expensive and not available for more than a couple of weeks a year.

Marcus said "Asparagus is one thing we do really well as a country. Someone sent me a message the other day saying that they went to the supermarket and British asparagus was right next to the Peruvian asparagus, only the Peruvian one was priced a lot cheaper.

"We don’t want to get to a point where people buy foreign asparagus which is of a lesser quality but cheaper. That means that the farmers will be priced out of the market and won’t grow it over here, which is a real shame."

"My favourite way of cooking it is to have it chargrilled," says Bean. "Blanch it in some boiling water for about 30 seconds to one minute max, pop it out and put it in some ice water to keep the colour. Then just chargrill it in the pan. Or you can just bang it on the barbecue. Give it a quick brush with some oil first then stick it on. Be careful not to overcook it otherwise you lose that lovely green colour. Or you could have it blanched or steamed. Or with butter and wild garlic. "

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