Healthy foods with bizarre side affects

Posted On 27 June 2013
If you are striving to eat healthily, you may want to read the following about four foods which are deemed good for you - but also have some strange side affects.

Beetroot - After eating these, you can have a bit of a shock after going to the toilet with the toilet water turning a rosy reddish type colour.

Broccoli - this cruciferous vegetable (also similar to cabbage and cauliflower) contains goitrogens that can interfere with the body's thyroid hormone biosynthesis.  If you eat a lot of this, you can stop your thyroid producing enough of the important hormons which over time, the hypothyroidism can cause health problems such as heart disease, joint pain and obesity.

Oysters - they contain high levels of zinc which is needed for testosterone production by the body.  They also boost dopamine in the body, so consume enough zinc and both males and females may see their libido increase.

Asparagus - a large poportion of people may smell something funky/funny when going to the bathroom several hours after eating asparagus.  It contains a mercaptan - a sulfur compound - which is also found in onions, garlic and eggs - and the smell is created as a result of being broken down by your digestive system.

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